SoapRebel   Lemongrass Oats    Luxurious 125g Soap

SoapRebel Lemongrass Oats Luxurious 125g Soap

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Lemongrass Oats SoapREBEL 125g Big Bar of Luxurious Soap

Just bask in this deliciousness and goodness and allow the oats to sooth your skin and your soul while the lemongrass nourishes and brightens your skin body. Lemongrass is one of the highest vegetarian sources of Vitamin A. A beautiful way to nourish your skin while cleansing. This soap is moisturizing to your skin -Never Drying!

We know you will love it!

Hand crafted lovingly in small batches to ensure that every luxurious bar nourishes and Invigorates your body and soul. 

Our Awesome All Natural (and Pronounceable) Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, saponified palm oil (from certified sustainable sources), ground oatmeal and pure essential oil of lemongrass.  That's it!

Vegan   Soy Free  Gluten Free  Cruelty Free  No Phthalates  No Detergents  No Phosphates   Our essential oils are always steam distilled -never extracted with toxic solvents •  Nothing artificial !