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Oil Pulling is an ancient ayurvedic practice used to pull toxins from the mouth and has many proven benefits. It is recommended to swish Pull’nFresh around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes first thing in the morning is best but anytime is still good. Start with ¾ tsp. The liquid’s volume increases while you pull – adjust according to comfort. When finished, spit into a waste bin and rinse your mouth. 

Pull’nFresh is not "just" a "pulling oil". Pull’nFresh is so much more! 

For you, we have chosen our ingredients carefully, learn more below: 

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Base

According to Dr Mercola; enzyme-modified (by your saliva glands) coconut oil strongly inhibits the growth of most strains of Streptococcus bacteria, Including Streptococcus mutans, an acid-producing bacterium that is a major cause of tooth decay. 


Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which can prevent the activity of harmful free radicals that are known to oxidize and damage your gum tissue, promoting the development of periodontal disease and cavities. 

Co-enzyme Q10 is a Potent antioxidant with effective anti-aging properties, it reinforces collagen & elastin production of connective tissues. According to research: Topical Co-Q10 reduces the depths of pockets that have developed around the teeth and improves gum attachment to teeth. During a few clinical studies, CoQ10 supplements led to faster healing and tissue repair in patients with periodontal disease.

Peppermint Essential Oil has been shown to be superior to the mouthwash chemical chlorhexidine in inhibiting the formation of biofilm formations linked to dental cavities. This creates a super fresh feeling, naturally, without the chemicals!

Xylitol Plant sourced Non GMO can starve the streptococcus mutans bacteria mostly responsible for plaque & cavities. Numerous studies show that Xylitol can reduce cavities and tooth decay by as much as 30-85% and can help repair damage to the enamel. It Increases saliva which contains calcium and phosphate, which get picked up by the teeth and aid in remineralization. Our amazing Xylitol is Plant based & Non GMO. Although Xylitol sweetens Pull’nFresh just right, it has a very low glycemic index and doesn’t spike Blood Sugar or Insulin.

Plant sourced Non GMO Sunflower lecithin with it’s abundance of choline & healthy fats (phospholipids) has ample benefits to cognitive and neurological health which can effect study, memory and focus. It is utilized by the body to repair, strengthen and produce brain cells and nerve cells.

We have chosen a sunflower lecithin which is cold pressed & extracted without potentially damaging chemical solvents such as acetone and hexane.

While swishing, nutrients may be rapidly absorbed via the many blood vessels under the tongue which is a direct route to the blood circulation providing direct systemic delivery. This route is known as sublingual.

Research Evidence shows many many more benefits to each of the ingredients. Including effects on the brain, nervous system, heart, blood vessels, liver and joints. See Pull’nFresh.com for more info and links.

Brush Your Teeth with Pull’nFresh too!

You can certainly use other oils “to pull” but they don’t have the added benefits of Pull’nFresh. 

Having a medical background and a love of nutrition, it only seems sensible to me -- if one is going to take the time (up to 20 min) to do the pulling -- why not have the added benefits? This is why we created this awesome product.

Use Pull’nFresh!  😊 Organic Heart Products

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