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 Our STORY: 

Owners, Kalia & Roman are two Canadians in love with each other, the west coast and the world community. Environmentalists in thought word and deed.  We love to hike, kayak, garden and celebrate nature in all ways. 

Kalia:  I’m a Registered Midwife who was involved with bringing Midwifery into the Care Card and integrating Midwifery into the community, the hospital and the medical system in BC Canada.  I was clinical faculty for UBC and trained some of the midwives in practice today.

In the early ’70s, I worked as an herbalist alongside three docs and other practitioners in a Holistic Health Center in Colorado.  That’s where I got hooked on Birth and Natural Remedies.  I raised my kids on an organic farm with lots of herbs and a Root Cellar.  Yup that’s my daughter (and her hubby) The Root Cellar Village Green Grocer -in Victoria BC.  My son is equally awesome: Entrepreneur and Technocrat Extraordinaire.  I have four grandsons and family is a big part of my heart & life.

Roman is a dedicated Naturalist, Organic Gardener, Alchemist and an Expert Soap Designer with an adventurist spirit. He was called to the climate and the wilderness of the west coast to grow his own food and herbs. Faced with unresolvable hair loss and allergic skin reactions Roman’s ingenuity brought him to develop a pure soap from ingredients in his kitchen -now a high-end brand. Now Roman has a clear complexion and a full head of hair!  Soap Rebel is a versatile soap bar that can be used to wash your body, your hair (if it's short) and your veggies. 

Always having been pioneers, we are health rebels, dedicated to creating clean biological formulas which are good for you and the environment. Each of our products were designed to solve a problem that we or someone dear to us was facing.  We want to use our vast experience to benefit your life:  Organic Heart Products for Your Lifelong Health and Happiness!

We are grass-roots and without a large advertising budget.  We would appreciate your support by telling your friends and family about Organic Heart Products.  You or someone you know could benefit from them.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to hearing from you :)

Kalia & Roman


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